What Adner Creative Offers

Adner Creative is a one-person business created and run by Lauren Adner that provides the following services for all nonprofit organizations:

  1. Grants
    • Interviews of your employees and organization as a whole to ensure a thorough understanding of your operation, values, and goals you wish to achieve through the grant.
    • Research help on which funders to reach out to (if you haven’t already chosen a desired funder), guidance on how to cultivate a relationship with said funders, and editing/revisions on e-mails between you and your desired funder if wished.
    • Several readthroughs of all application requirements during each stage of development to assure the grant is up to your desired funder’s expectations.
    • A well-written, thoroughly researched grant including appropriate graphics.
    • Plenty of opportunities for your organization’s input and revision suggestions through every step of the process.
    • A professional grant offered before or on your deadline. Any delays will be communicated with you well in advance of said deadlines.
  2. Case Studies
    • Professionally conducted interviews with your chosen audience.
    • Open communication channels and approval/denial rights over included interviews and the final product
    • Compelling Case Studies delivered before or on your chosen deadline.
  3. Content
    • Blogs
    • Newsletters
    • Brochures
  4. Consultation
    • Edits, revisions, and guidance through any stage of all the above services.


Add Bonuses

  1. E-mail response within 24-48 hours
  2. All Blog posts, Newsletters, and Brochures will be completed (including graphics and proper sources) within 3-4 business days or you will get 50% off of agreed upon rate.
  3. Open communication on progress of every Grant and Case Study via E-mail, Skype, Text, or Phone Call every 3-7 days based on your preferences.


Previous Work

To see samples of Adner Creative’s writing, check out the About and Blog pages.



Looking for more?  Here are a few testimonials by people who have worked with Lauren Adner in the past.


 “When Lauren takes on a project, she delivers.  She works independently but also knows when to seek clarification so that she can proceed efficiently toward developing an excellent final product.  Her work ethic and professionalism are exemplary.”

Ted Roggenbuck, PhD.

Writing Center Director,

Associate Professor of English

Bloomsburg University

“Lauren embodies the two “C’s” of an outstanding person in her field.  She is very CREATIVE, which is a requisite for a successful writer.  She is also very CONSCIENTIOUS, which is a requisite of a successful business person.  I would highly recommend her services!”

Irv Siegel

“I love working with Lauren because she brings a creative, new perspective to any project. Her passion for her work shines through in her thoroughness and high quality work.”

Kathleen Organtini



How to Contact Adner Creative

You can either pop over to my Contact page for my phone number, or you can send me an E-mail at or fill out the form below.